What is Stayhome-Living?

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Stay Connected

Connect with family and friends through e-mail, messaging, video calls, and social media platforms. Within the app, these are quick to find, easy to use, and comfortable to navigate.

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Stay Active

Keep physically active with the app’s collection of motivational exercise videos, focusing on balance, mobility and heart health. Stay cognitively engaged through clubs/hobbies, books, games, and cultural experiences.

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Stay Entertained

Enjoy curated, age-specific television, movies, and other videos available on your own terms – and from the comfort of your own home!


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Home Services

As more and more services become available online, you can use the app to assist you with everything from groceries to meal delivery, from transportation to home maintenance. We are constantly searching for the best local services to provide convenience and solutions.

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Home Healthcare

The digital age has transformed medical care for seniors at home. In the app, you will find links to video doctor appointments, booking and tracking of lab tests, local clinic wait times, and follow-up care. There are also age-specific dietary guidelines and mental health support options.

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Living Smart

The agenda window contains a calendar and notebook to keep track of important dates and reminders. Technology is new and evolving - there are always opportunities to learn new skills. Open the door to your virtual home… and find new ideas inside!


An App Preview

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"Home" is set up with seven easy to access windows, each clearly labelled: Activities, Entertainment, Connect, Services, Healthcare, Learning and Agenda. By touching on the window, the user finds a sub-directory. For example, under Activities the options are: Fitness and Exercise, Clubs and Hobbies, Books and Magazines, Games and Culture.


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Stayhome-Living Testimonials

A word of appreciation

Thank you to our contributing content providers and vendors for helping to bring this vision to life for the benefit of seniors.

Who We Are

Back Story

In the early days of March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across Canada, Barry was immediately concerned about his parents. Not only are they both in their mid-80s; they’re both very social people, with a passion for their clubs and organizations, as well as their community of family and friends in the area. In their case, they luckily had one another for company – as well as their garden for the warm months – in order to stay busy and engaged even during “social” isolation.

However, for many seniors both locally and across the country, the pandemic has left them feeling isolated and lonely. Without the ability to see family (near or far) and friends, or to participate in social activities or clubs, the coming months continue to be daunting and unpredictable. Stayhome-Living is an app that aims to reconnect seniors with many of the things they love and miss, all from the comfort and safety of their own homes. While technology may be second nature to many, navigating the nuances of apps and websites can be overwhelming for an older adult. This easy-to-use app is thoughtfully laid out; it guides seniors directly to the resources they are looking for, mitigating many of the difficulties of open web searches

The app opens a virtual “house” on your Apple device (iPad or iPhone support for other tablets, laptops, and desktops coming soon), complete with eight clickable options: Agenda, Entertainment, Activities, Services, Connect, Healthcare, Learning, and Support. By pressing on one of these windows, or the door, older adults can find the latest news, their daily schedule, a meditation class, access to their Facebook account, and so much more. With a clean, minimalist layout, it has been designed carefully with the user in mind. With easy access to email and messaging, seniors can feel more connected than ever before.

Stayhome-Living was conceptualized by Barry Jones and Carolyn Glazier, and developed by Carolyn's retired technology wizard Tom. “My nomadic father was forced to come home, and stay home, when the pandemic took hold.” Co-founder Carolyn Glazier says. “We knew that not all seniors were as tech-savvy as he, so we wanted to create a platform that made sense to this demographic. Isolation is a terrible thing to experience – we just want to help people reconnect!”

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